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Forum General Rules

Post  Yasmine on Thu Aug 14, 2008 6:36 pm

By request, we'd like we to stick to these rules, please.

1.One account per person. If this is a problem, please contact me.
2.Please use a valid e-mail address, as we may need to contact you.
3.As this is a roleplay forum, try not to stray off the topic.
4.Post all questions in the Rules and Announcements section. Always check this section before posting your question to ensure it hasn't been posted already.
5. Type in correct English, please. If yu tipe lyk ths then your post will be either corrected or ignored.
6. No useless posts. (That means 1 word posts. Posts that are just one smilie.) These often kill threads.
7. Always thank and be considerate to all members.
9. Don't reply or quote spam posts.
10. Don't link to sites that could be offensive. (Porn, Violence, Religion, Shock Sites...etc...)
11. Signatures must be 500X200 maximum.
12. You can link to your website on your sig, but only a website you have created. Don't create threads for your website or flood the forum with the link.
13. Use stars when swearing, for example: s***.

Thank you for reading!
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